This website is now archived following the referendum result. No changes will be made, but it will remain here for reference.

Welcome to UnderstandingThe.EU – a non-biased website about the UK's relationship with the European Union intended only to inform people so that we can all make our own minds up.

This is, without a doubt the most important thing about this upcoming referendum, we all decide for ourselves based on facts rather than have the decision made up for us with biased propaganda and pathetic insult fights. This website is independent and has not received funding from either campaign, or any political entity.

If there is a certain part of the EU you wish this website would cover that it currently doesn't, or you would like to help improve the accuracy of any articles then please do not hesitate to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (email no longer exists)

I hope this website is able to help you and others make a decision about what is best for you and the UK as a whole in relation to our relationship with the European Union. If you do find this website to be useful, then it is asked kindly whether you would consider sharing it with your friends and others so that they can have some help making their decision.